Ryan Adams Blogs: Totally Bored the Musical

look, it’s stupid with his Voivod bass. everybody look at stupid. -- from Totally Bored the Musical, Ryan Adams' new Tumblr

Ryan Adams is blogging. It's entertaining as all get out. Like this post.

1. Why do people say I dated Alanis Morrisette. I mean, she kicks ass, but the A-Team also kicked ass and I did not date them. I mean, woah. Also, she climbs mountains and does extreme sports or something. I mean, I think for most of my twenties my hobbies included “recovering” and “manic-writing while trying to come undone from hotel ceilings” or something. Still, kick ass, still, bear no understand so much words in song. so much words.

2. Dark Matter. Dark Matter is bullshit. Create a model of the universe that has a fixed gravitational outer force on it, use the “unexplainable extra weight” of the “known” universe as a guide, or a control if it is a mathematical model, to figure out the “unknown mass” and boundary exerting force on the known universe. easy as pie.

3. 5th Avenue Candy Bar Cake at Carnegie Deli…how is that legal. srsly

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