Sammy Hagar in St. Louis at the Fox: What happened?

Nov 15, 2007 at 2:49 pm

A colleague just tipped me off to this blog from Sammy Hagar:

St. Louis!

I want to apologize to any one single fan that I may have upset during my show last night. If there’s one place I feel closest too, it’s St. Louis. I know St. Louis fans know me and know that I would never purposely want to upset anyone in my town of St. Louis!..I appreciate all of you.

Peace, St. Louis Rocks! Sammy

What happened? Anyone go?

Edit, 3:20 p.m.: Oh for pete's sake. Apparently he deigned to diss AB and cheerleaded for Miller, who is putting out his own beer. From Sammy's message board, a reader says the following:

the thing was he went to anhueser busch to sell a cabo beer and they turned him down to sell jimmy b's beer.. so he kept saying its miller time at that point he was booed by EVERYONE there it was loud and then he would talk about it and keep saying it and keep getting booed... then he said blah blah it has nothing to do with stl lets party.... i thought it was all good untill he said it again later.. it pissed allot of people off there.... then near the end some one threw him a usa jacket taht had budweiser on and the place went crazy... but he said its miller time one more time......

-- Annie Zaleski