Sarah Palin's SNL Appearance Causes Happiness, Skepticism, Confusion -- and LOLZ

Oct 20, 2008 at 12:32 pm

According to a website called Mediacurves, Sarah Palin's popularity within both political parties increased after her appearance on Saturday Night Live over the weekend. More specifically:

Among political parties, the emotions most felt by Republicans while watching the ad were “happiness” (62%) and “skepticism” (9%), compared to Democrats, who reported “happiness” (49%) and “confusion” (14%) as the emotions most felt. Independents reported “happiness” (64%) and “skepticism” (9%), as the emotions most felt while watching the ad.

Personally, I just love Amy Poehler in this skit. Besides being hilarious, she gives off the impression that you do not want to fuck with the uber-pregnant lady. And she's not a bad rapper.