Saturday: The Punk and Hardcore Scenes Gather for a Benefit/Celebration

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On Saturday, the Fox Hole at Atomic Cowboy will be hosting a benefit-cum-celebration for two supporters of the local hardcore/punk scene: Brad Cassidy and Nick Mardanes. The former, a Chicago native and a member of bands such as Saw Is Family, Episiotomy and Eating Rats, passed away last year.

"When he wasn't playing in bands, you could find Brad at any and every underground punk show supporting the bands and talking to anyone within earshot about his love of music," says Cardiac Arrest vocalist Rob Ruzicka. "The only thing that trumped his love for music was the love he had for his daughter. He made it a point to be as environmentally friendly as possible because as he would say, 'I want my daughter to grow up in a beautiful place.'"

The show will also function as a benefit for Mardanes, who is battling cancer and undergoing chemotherapy. Although the New Hampshire native now lives in New York City (and plays in a couple of bands, Absurd System and Attake), he was also a beloved part of the STL community.

"Nick can sometimes be a very hard person to approach, but is one of the funniest, goofiest guys around once you give him a chance," Ruzicka says. "[He] was also involved in the underground punk scene in St. Louis. He tried to start a few bands, but for one reason or another they just never panned out. [But] he was very passionate about music -- sometimes opting to buy records instead of eating. Whenever anyone was in trouble Nick was there to lend a helping hand or a shoulder to lean on so it's only fitting that we do the same for him."

The show will include DJs and a whole ton of bands -- including Furio, who will be performing some unreleased Cassidy songs, and a reunion from Defunct. More info can be found on that flyer and at

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