Sinéad O'Connor's Marriage Saga Continues: Totally Into Crack, But Not Crack Rock

Sinéad O'Connor's Marriage Saga Continues: Totally Into Crack, But Not Crack Rock
Kevin Abosch

Sinéad O'Connor's sex life has been a source of endless entertainment recently. A few months ago, we told you about her deviant behavior: she was using her website as her own dating service. Sinéad said that she was horny and looking to get laid. She posted a list of all of the things she was seeking in a potential lover. She also included that she would be "deeply unhappy if doing anal wasn't on the menu" and advised gentlemen not to even apply to be her lover if they didn't like "the difficult brown." Oh, yes. Yes, she did.

Then, at the beginning of last December, Sinéad announced that she'd found a boyfriend, Barry Herridge, and that they were to be married the next day in Las Vegas.

In theory, that should have been the end of Sinéad's shenanigans. Happily married, bum satisfied, end of story, right? Thankfully, no. It all just gets even better.

So about two weeks after they were wed, Sinéad announced that they were breaking up because their marriage was causing him problems with his family. Then more details emerged. As it turns out, Sinéad's new husband is an addiction counselor and didn't take too kindly to her forcing him to escort her on a weed run in a sketchy neighborhood on their wedding night and accidentally ending up with "a load of crack" in her hand. Yes, crack rock.

But for now, true love has won out. Sinéad and Barry are back together. She announced on Twitter that they had a beautiful evening of lovemaking and that they were going to try again as boyfriend and girlfriend (but stay married) and that they'd get some counseling and maybe move in together "in like a year, like regular people."

Like regular people? Yeah, good luck with that. You are freaks and it is great. Please, oh please, get a reality show or make a sex tape or something. Your public demands it.

"groove is in the arse" - Sinead O'Connor's Twitter

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