Six Anti-Establishment Songs That Aren't by Rage Against the Machine

Rage Against the Machine, not featured below. - Press Photo
Press Photo
Rage Against the Machine, not featured below.

Everyone is pissed off right now. For me, it could be from to the head injury I gave myself last night and the accompanying tequila hangover. The rest of the nation, however, is more rightfully concerned with the needless killing of a black high school student down in Florida.

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When I was growing up, whenever there was some sort of obvious injustice, people blasted songs by NWA -- but then something happened. Somehow, Rage Against the Machine became the poster-children for speaking out against injustices. I'm not going to dog too hard on RATM, because my friend told me a story about this one time Tom Morello got Gene Simmons or Paul Stanley to hang out with some roadie for his birthday, which is a solid bro move.

But here are six songs you should be listening to right now instead of the band that spawned the musical abomination known as Audioslave.

6. "Advice on Arrest" - Desperate Bicycles

One of my favorite songs by one of the most unappreciated bands, "Advice on Arrest" is precisely what the title suggests. England's Desperate Bicycles was one of the bands that pioneered the DIY movement in the late 1970s. If you find yourself chanting these lyrics after the fifth time you've heard the song, I strongly urge you to listen to every single other song the band has written. And remember: "at the station they'll be questions, don't answer -- see a lawyer first."

5. "5 Million Ways to Kill a CEO" - The Coup

The Coup has been around since 1991, formed by Boots Riley -- a brilliant rapper and activist, among other things. The group's first album was called Kill My Landlord. When I added this song to the list, I thought I could piece together a brief history of the Coup, but after looking into the group a bit further I realized I'm overwhelmed just by a glance of what Boots has done on his own. Oddly enough, he also has a band with Tom Morello called Street Sweeper Social Club -- which I also had no damn idea about when I started writing this. Good job, music journalist. Just listen to the song.

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