Six Mind-Blowing References to Obscure Bands in Popular Culture

Jul 9, 2013 at 6:07 am
Lady Gaga sporting a Gism jacket -- more on that here.
Lady Gaga sporting a Gism jacket -- more on that here.

Some people spend their lives researching a cure for cancer, or how to perform cleft-lip surgery on children in developing countries. Others, such as myself, spend that time researching obscure music because it gives them a sick feeling, like maybe they are somehow better than people who are doing real things with their lives. Sadly, often the one thing I get to pride myself on somehow ends up in the mainstream, in some bizarre and sometimes infuriating way. I'm not talking about the movie Juno mentioning Sonic Youth or something -- I'm thinking of the real out-of-nowhere stuff. So to celebrate my depression, here's a list of six strange references to obscure music in mainstream culture.

Oh, and if someone can, please take a screen shot of the Brutal Truth poster in Diary of a Wimpy Kid 2. I couldn't find one..

6. There is an Ulver poster in The Sopranos

Do you understand how strange it is that there is an Ulver poster up in the room of a mob boss' daughter? And not only is it just an Ulver poster, but it's an Ulver poster from one of the band's early albums -- one I had always heard was recorded in a forest. Ulver is a Norwegian black-metal group who would also be the subject of a rumor involving the spending of a recording advance on suits, drugs and a luxury car, followed promptly by the release of another record that sounded like it was recorded in a forest. If you need further proof that the set designer on this show was probably a music critic gone out of their mind, there is also a Girls Against Boys poster up next to a Nevermore poster.

5. Ferris Bueller Listens to Early Industrial Music

Ferris Bueller, the king of cool and the titular hero of our story apparently listens to groundbreaking British industrial bands Killing Joke and Cabaret Voltaire. This is confusing when you realize that the songs in the movie are by Wayne Newton, the Beatles, and Zapp. Except that Zapp rules as hard as those first two bands.