Six Reasons Why Metallica Is Better than Megadeth

Metallica - Press Photo
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My interview with Megadeth last week didn't go too well. The honorable thing to do would be to admit that I was in the wrong and should have been better prepared. Or I could spell out a number of reasons why I'm not a total unprofessional screwup, therefore justifying myself to an audience that largely doesn't care about who I am anyway.

Or I could do something fun and petty.

With all of that in mind, I give you six reasons why Metallica is actually, in fact, better than Megadeth.

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6. Dave Mustaine refuses to discuss whether he has found the Abyss Lord.

My friend Charlie Johnson (who demanded to be credited as a "Minneapolis heavy-metal legend" in order to release this story) told me about an encounter he had with Dave Mustaine at an in-store signing at a Best Buy in a city called Coon Rapids, Minnesota. This is that story:

"I asked him about hunting the Abyss Lord, from the song 'Five Magics.' I asked him if he ever found said Abyss Lord, because I had also been hunting him. He got super pissed. He said, 'Yeah man, whatever, go look for new jokes,' or something to that effect. He got really pissed when I played up that I wasn't joking. Then my friend Maria got super hyped up and screamed about how much she loved the Black album, and he got really bummed."

5. Dave Mustaine Calls People "Faggot" Onstage

And some other terms pretty demeaning to women. C'mon, man.

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