Six St. Louis Acts Named After Body Parts

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Hazard to Ya Booty - Tracy Sachs
Tracy Sachs
Hazard to Ya Booty

Local music makers really touch us, you know? Bands create melodies that just reach out and grab us, stroking our brains and hearts in a way that's only mildly inappropriate. But it's not only the tunes that grope for our attention; plenty of St. Louis bands also are named after body parts that caress our souls. Below, check out six acts that rub us the right way while teaching us all about anatomy.


Got some major runcus encephali going on? Then scooch on over here and give our minds a sensuous massage. Yeah, we know that the Brainstems supposedly called it quits last year, but, like Trent Reznor and his "No more Nine Inch Nails tours" nonsense, they were lying. Turns out, St. Louis' garage-punk band that had burned so brightly for seemingly just eighteen months has scheduled a few shows this year, including one this month. Arousal begins in the brain, so count us in for a little sumpin'-sumpin' during the Brainstems' comeback tour.


We're classy and stuff, so we won't make obvious jokes about fists and the naughty things certain people might do with them (We're sure you'll pick up the slack in the Facebook comments). But we will say that Fister has some of the most gnarly, dread-inspiring metal in town -- which is pretty much what fans want. As former RFT writer Ryan Wasoba once put it, the band features "guitars feeding back at every breath and a bass tone that sounds like Satan's taint." Taint bass? SOLD!


As one of St. Louis' most respected hip-hop artists, Rockwell Knuckles packs quite the punch. Drawing inspiration from musicians, comedians and authors of all sorts, Rocky's brand of hip-hop pays homage to classic '90s greats while serving up cosmopolitan freshness. Nowhere is this more evident than on this winter's EP with Tef Poe, The David Ruffin Theory. The longtime collaborators team up with other St. Louis acts for five tracks full of lyrical explosions, proving that there's plenty more than just Rocky's knuckles to deal with. He hit us with his best shot, and we're enjoying the bleeding.

Continue for more gyrating body parts.


You guys, our bootys are in so. much. trouble. Ever since Hazard to Ya Booty dropped its new album in December, our asses have been getting a nonstop workout. Can dancing make you pull muscles? Ass muscles? We swear that it's happened, but Hazard's self-proclaimed "crunchy funk" is totally worth the burn. Channelling James Brown's soul, Flea's groovy bass and plenty of smooth, sexy horns, Hazard to Ya Booty ensures that we don't ever want to sit down.


Want to be slapped with some throwback alternative? Various Hands will be the first to volunteer. Jeff Nations' pop-alt outfit waves at sunny '90s bands such as the Gin Blossoms and Counting Crows while adding tones from the current decade's indie-rock darlings like Band of Horses and encasing it all in a sheath of Incubus-style grime. It's a complicated combination that shouldn't work, but Various Hands pulls it off. What else might we convince these capable, multi-talented Hands to try? We're compiling a list.


Ok, so Thee Fine Lines technically is from Springfield, but they're still, like, ours, right? Springfield practically is in St. Louis' backyard, plus bassist Kevin Schneider pulls duty in several (314) bands, including fellow body-part group the Blind Eyes. Thus, we're planting our fleur-de-lis flag on Thee Fine Lines, whose members don't seem to age despite the band's name. The group played its first show way back in 2001, but its garage rock is as youthful as ever -- no crows' feet serum necessary.


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