Six St. Louis Bands You Can Eat or Drink

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The Vanilla Beans - Photo via Facebook
Photo via Facebook
The Vanilla Beans

We at RFT Music are ravenous for local music. "Feed us more!" we say. "Shove it into our earholes!" we say.

Thank goodness St. Louis musicians are complying, both with great tunes and with quality band names; this city has a surprising smorgasbord of acts named after goodies that balance out any meat-and-potatoes meal. Below, chew on these six local acts who spice up our playlists and leave us hungry for more. Taste the rainbow, friends.


When we're talking about food, we obviously need to kick off with the band whose name tells us what to do with all of the musical goodness around. The Feed gives us jangly piano pop-rock that often goes darker with minor chords, eerie guitar effects and just the right amount of chill-your-spine cymbal work. Lyrically, there's some Ludo-esque growl about relationships, and the plunky piano serves as a spoonful of sugar to make the harsh life lessons go down.


When you talk to Acorns to Oaks' Chris Ward, you never know what you're going to get; he's like a pop culture montage on speed. But what he serves up through Acorns to Oaks is pretty delectable. Sometimes solo, sometimes joined by local musicians, Ward has everything you need for a multi-course meal at an experimental restaurant of sound: creepy echoes, toe-tappin' guitar-pickin', fresh beats from the world's tiniest drum kit and lyrics that are alternatingly introspective and absurd.


Old Salt Union is a band that feasts on variety. With members who trade vocal duties and play multiple instruments, the group easily switches direction during each of its songs. Its members might have bluegrass roots, but OSU also projects plenty of rock, old-school country and jam-band notes, ensuring that every listener has something to devour. All good chefs use a little salt to bring out the flavor of a dish, but "a little" just isn't good enough here. We recommend pouring Old Salt Union liberally onto all of your listening devices.

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