Sixth Annual St. Louis Band Scramble Announces Details

Dec 1, 2008 at 10:00 am
The sixth annual St. Louis Band Scramble is almost upon us! Well, at least registration for the 'Scramble, which this year will take place on Saturday, January 31, at Off Broadway. See below for details on how to enter the always-fun event, via an email I received...

Sign-ups will be held at Off Broadway (3509 Lemp) and at the Chippewa Chapel (Thursday nights at The Wedge, 442 Bates). Unlike previous Band Scrambles, enrollment is limited to only 35 spots this go-round. Participants will be invited to sign up beginning at 8 pm on Thursday, December 18 at The Wedge - first come, first served.  Groupings will be announced on Thursday, January 8, giving the bands just over three weeks before the competition takes place on Saturday, January 31.  A panel of celebrity judges will determine the winners, and prizes will be awarded to the top three bands. The cost to enter the Band Scramble is $15 per participant.

This registration fee will go toward scholarships for kids to attend Dave Simon's Rock School, a cause near and dear to my heart (check out my cover story from a few years ago about it). Scramble organizers want to raise enough to send at least three kids to the Rock School next summer.