Ska Fest II

Saturday, January 8; Creepy Crawl

Jan 5, 2005 at 4:00 am
Ah, ska. A million miles away from the Jamaican reggae precursor from which it takes its name and rhythms, so-called third-wave ska (which got its start in the early '90s) is usually a combination of off-beat island sounds and punky enthusiasm. It's taught most white people in their twenties the only dance step they can actually do (the skank), and while it's faded in popularity over the past decade (hey kids, Gwen Stefani's No Doubt used to be a ska band), there are still plenty of skankin' good times to be had -- if you know where to look. Try looking at Ska Fest II at the Creepy Crawl this Saturday. From the relatively old-school Secret Cajun Band to Rufus McNasty and the Straight Shooters, it'll be an all-ages, two-tone-shoed dance fest. With nine bands on the bill and an average ska-band size of seven, it ought to get crowded fast. Rudeboys and rudegirls welcome.