Slay Versus Reed: It's Time to Press the Reset Button

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In the era of Facebook's reign we're all practically required to show up to parties and special events our friends are throwing in the name of a photo opportunity, so when we see politicians doing this at political rallies we recognize it with more disgust than our parents may have. King Slay was booed at the Trayvon Martin rally on the South side because people can so easily spot a photo op off the fly now. The community met in the rain to pay homage to a deceased young man that fell victim to a racial-profiling mad gunman. This just wasn't the time to bomb us with political rhetoric in the name of going home to do nothing.

I myself was racially profiled while working for King Slay in his own neighborhood. Long story short, I was hired by the mayor's office to canvass against the a proposition which would have removed the STL earnings tax. I supported this cause because without the earnings tax certain institutions in our city would collapse. I was hired to canvass in King Slays neighborhood, pass out leaflets and raise awareness of this issue by knocking on doors. In the end my co-worker and myself were hemmed up by the cops after some ridiculous person in this neighborhood called the police on us for being two black guys, in a predominantly non-black portion of South city, knocking on doors. Some idiot, whom I hope was elderly, called the cops on us. The reason I hope they were elderly is because I hope they soon died afterwards from a heart attack or old age. I also wouldn't really mind if that aforementioned idiot is currently burning in hell.

The Mayor met us back at the office and he was sincerely pissed off, and I can honestly say he was understanding about the situation.The cops were looking to arrest us but through the grace of God it didn't happen. Slay did do his best to fix the situation but while I was standing at the Trayvon rally something inside me couldn't help but think "this same exact thing takes place in your own neighborhood daily." He hasn't addressed these forms of profiling with his very own neighbors, so sitting in front of a crowd of people and trying to relate to their pain over the subject simply doesn't come across as sincere. Generations before ours might've witnessed this and kept their thoughts about it to themselves, but today we know a photo opportunity when we see it.

Sometimes for us Generation Next-ers it's all about new energy. We've had the same exact guy in office for far too long now. New energy brings with it a wave of new ideas and new people to execute those ideas. Twitter is dying now but older folks don't recognize it yet so two years from now they'll start bombarding Instagram. By then Instagram will be dead because our world moves quicker than the previous generations' ever did. We have a disposable vote in most of their eyes because we're young and dumb and likely won't show up to the polls to begin with. Here's a curveball you probably didn't see coming, but young people desire to be politically active and will vote if you give us a reason to. The elders in our community have almost developed a hands-off type of attitude when it comes to the way they have decided to deal with us when political activity is involved. The black vote in this city primarily resides in the hands of North City. Right now the North side is crying for help. The chances remain high that no matter who is elected, next to nothing will change in the day-to-day lives of people residing on the North side. Slay's family built their empire in South City, so he understands this portion of the city a little more than he does the North (in my humble opinion). Lewis Reed could potentially represent the type of newness the people of this community desperately need.

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