Slay Versus Reed: It's Time to Press the Reset Button

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One of the biggest problems with Saint Louis as a city to me is the fact that the citizens here embrace stale and old energy without a problem. When something new comes along it has to fight over time to gain ground. Hence we vote the same exact person into the mayoral office over and over, not because he deserves to win but simply because we are familiar with the name. In order for this city to return to the greatness it once held in the past, we're going to need an influx of inventive and ingenuitive young minds to take the wheel. It is frankly no different than the local music scene we've all been fighting over time to revive. Its going to take something "new" to get it done. Everything has a reset button; sometimes you start playing the game and things don't pan out the way you intended. Every occupation in the world has to take the time to press that button every now and again. In my adult life the mayoral office of St. Louis city has yet to do so.

Politics have devolved into pretty much the same ole ridiculous minutia of the guys and gals in the suits getting paid to tell the poor folks how to fix their lives. Usually most of them are assholes, and have developed uncontrollable egos, and have watered-down ideas about the actual concerns of the people. They have no actual idea of how to create meaningful dialogues between the community and themselves. We've seen it all and we've heard it all. I believe currently the Lewis Reed campaign has the capability of representing the shifting paradigm in STL politics we've all hoped to see one day. I won't go so far as to say I believe they are meeting this potential at the current moment, but I do believe they have the tools needed to do so.

We all have people to answer to, and St.Louis politicians all too often have damaged the credibility of the co-signer. I'm a huge fan of Lewis Reed and I was ecstatic about his bid for mayor of Saint Louis, but if he gets elected and turns his back on the community, then I get to look like a douchebag to that community for stamping my seal of approval and asking them to ride with him. It probably doesn't really mean anything to Mr. Reed because, lets face it, who the hell is Tef Poe to Lewis Reed? I'm just another foolish black male running these streets, attempting to be a rapper. Yeah, I write a weekly column for the RFT blog, but this column isn't relevant in his world. I've been on TV and in a few magazines, but that too is irrelevant to anything pertaining to the eventual outcome of the mayoral campaign.

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