Slay Versus Reed: It's Time to Press the Reset Button

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But I do have 33,000+ Twitter followers, and 7,000+ Instagram followers and 5,000+ Facebook friends. These numbers to me represent a network of people that are tuned into Tef Poe. I wouldn't ask you to do anything I wouldn't feel comfortable doing myself. I earned your respect, and if I don't have your respect then I at least earned your attention, whether positive or negative.

The bottom line is on March 5th, we'll either re-elect the same person that's held this office for far too long or we'll set ourselves up to bring in a new fresh face with the capabilities to overshadow the old guy. People like Rex Sinquefield probably want you to re-elect the old guy so they can continue to buy elections and forge propositions with their own motives. People like Tef Poe want you to elect the new guy so we can at least maybe have a fighting chance to acknowledge our mistakes and maybe build a network of accountability for local politicians. I envision a St. Louis where at some point the power structure will have to listen to us. We can either start today and allow progress to begin or we can lay down and die. I know many of us believe it doesn't matter who the guy in the suit sitting in the big fat office is. I know you'll still have the same problems if Lewis Reed wins. The point is we at least have to give ourselves a fighting chance, and right now Reed is the posterboy for that chance in Saint Louis politics. It's time to push to the reset button and get some fresh energy injected into our cities veins.

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