Sleepy Kitty's Life-Size Etiquette Book Music Video

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In this week's music feature, I talked to Sleepy Kitty about its remarkably intricate and surprising lyrics packet, which accompanies last year's Infinity City. The duo printed unique artifacts to represent each of the album's songs. One of those highlighted in the feature is for "Speaking Politely":

"Speaking Politely," an eye-roll aimed at tactless, prowling men at bars, comes as a page out of an etiquette book. It's printed on 50-year-old paper with images and fonts taken from the real thing. The chapter and page numbers on the print correspond to the song's track listing and duration, respectively.

The band has a new video for the song out this week, shot by touring music video troupe Love Drunk. Sleepy Kitty built a set specifically for the video based on the same visual style as the lyric page. Watch below.

The Hear Nebraska tour has made stops in St. Louis before, including once in May of last year to shoot Cassie Morgan & the Lonely Pine. We talked to Morgan and Love Drunk's Django Greenblatt-Seay at the time:

The Love Drunk crew loaded into the warehouse at 2:30 p.m., the shoot was over by 5:30 p.m., and they were on the road to Indianapolis by 6:00. "Django is doing video editing on the road between bands, and he had ours up for private viewing by the wee hours of Monday morning," says Morgan. "So that's like 36 hours from wrap to post, with another video shoot (and I assume some sleeping and eating...though I witnessed neither) in between. It's madness I tell you!"

"The goal behind this tour is to spread the reach of every video and band we have shot and will shoot," says Greenblatt-Seay. "Each time we shoot a new band, fans of that band who watch that video are theoretically one or two clicks away from any other video we have produced. That means, for example, when fans of Arrah & the Ferns (Philadelphia, Penn.) check out the video we shoot of them in Philly, they might stumble upon the video we did with Noah's Ark Was a Spaceship, or the one we did with Conduits.

Sleepy Kitty is leaving for a tour of the East Coast, but will be back in St. Louis for a Stag Nite appearance at El Lenador on Wednesday, June 27.

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