SLMPD Officer Really Into Kodak Black's 'No Flockin' in Viral Video

Oct 18, 2021 at 5:17 pm

A video clip appearing to show a St. Louis police officer enthusiastically singing along to Kodak Black's 2014 hit "No Flockin" has been viewed more than 85,000 times on Facebook and thousands more on Reddit and Twitter.

First uploaded by a Facebook user on Sunday shortly before noon, the video opens with the viewer treated to a view through the passenger window of a car; the occupants are already in stitches at the antics of the young-ish looking cop driving a marked police SUV the neighboring lane.

Behind the wheel and in the uniform of the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department, the officer proceeds to expressively synch to lyrics of a song whose content mostly describes (to put it very generally) being unstoppably cool, defeating your rivals and smoking lots of very high-quality weed.

It's a very good song, so good that hearing it from another car inspired a uniformed St. Louis City officer to simultaneously drive, keep beat, mimick both shooting a gun and smoking a joint — and clearly made the day of the people who got to experience the moment.

It's understandable why the people in the car lost their minds at the smooth delivery. The original poster on Facebook captioned her upload of the video, "How My Morning Went🤣 He Definitely Invited To The Next Cook Out🤣🤣He Was Hella Cool."

In a way, it's a testament to Kodak Black and an inspiring example of music as a unifying force. It's also understandable that others might not be as excited at an example of a cop not keeping his attention on the road, especially when police chases and vehicle-related deaths have wrought damage and taken lives in the region in recent years.

The undisputed lesson is that "No Flockin" deserves to be in your playlist — not even cops can resist it.

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