Sonic Youth's Starbucks Mix Almost Ready to Hit Stores

I had almost forgotten this was going to exist. Nearly a year after it was first reported, the Sonic Youth Starbucks compilation is due to hit stores very soon. According to the most recent band newsletter:

HITS ARE FOR SQUARES This exclusive compilation CD features Sonic Youth songs chosen by friends of the band. Writers, actors, artists and musicians come together to celebrate Sonic Youth’s vibrant history. Each contributor also offers a personal testimonial for their own selection from a unique and influential body of work spanning from 1981 to present. Available early Summer at select Starbucks.

I hope "select Starbucks" includes "Starbucks in St. Louis," even though I'd much rather have coffee elsewhere. (Mostly because I'm not a huge fan of the beans the store uses.) Tracklisting after a video of the band from that awesome 1986 Mississippi Nights show floating around on YouTube. Furthermore, Sonic Youth's playing Nashville next Friday, April 25, if anyone is itching for a road trip.

"White Kross":

Bull in the Heather Sugar Kane 100% Kool Thing Disappearer Superstar Stones Tuff Gnarl Teenage Riot Shadow of a Doubt Rain on Tin Tom Violence Mary-Christ World Looks Red Expressway to yr Skull Slow Revolution - previously unreleased

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