Sounds Around Town

Week of September 17, 2003

Sep 17, 2003 at 4:00 am

Marty Abdullah & the Expressions: Michon's Barbecue & Fish, Sun.; Hadley's, Thu.

Willie Akins: Spruill's, Sat.

Tim Albert: Hammerstone's, Mon.

All Over the Road: Trueman's Place, Fri.

Irene Allen: Griffin's, Wed.

Amy Allison & Neil Cleary: Frederick's Music Lounge, Fri.

Corey Anderson: Upstairs Lounge, Wed.

Mark Arbogast: Parrot's Sports Bar & Grill, Sat.

Jun Arzaga: Faust's, Nightly

Assorted Nuts: Shenanigan's, Sat.

Aunt Flo: Laurie's Place, Fri.

Baby O: Quincy's, Fri.

Bad Andie/Dick Whiskey: George's Route 66, Fri. and Sat.

Randy Bahr Duo: Farotto's Italian Restaurant, Wed. and Fri.

Randy Bahr: Candicci's, Thu.

Randy Bahr & Margaret Bianchetta: Chasers Lounge, Sat.

Baker-McClaren Band: Harry's West, Thu.; SqWires, Fri.

Billy Barnett: 1860's Hard Shell Cafe & Bar, Tue.

Bruce Barth Trio: Jazz at the Bistro, Thu.-Sat.

Joe Bathon: The Crossings Taverne & Grille, Fri.

Jim Becker: LoRusso's Cucina, Fri. and Sat.

Chuck Berry: Blueberry Hill, Wed.

Bibowats: Three-1-Three, Sat.

Mark Biehl: Borders Books & Music-Creve Coeur, Sat.

Big Bamou: Broadway Oyster Bar, Mon. and Tue.

Billy & Charles: Syberg's Westport, Wed.

Black Anthony & the Hawk: Halo Bar, Tue.

Black Dog: Backstreet Jazz & Blues, Sat.

Dave Black: BB's Jazz, Blues & Soups, Sun.

Jules Blattner: St. Louis Casa Loma Ballroom, Sat.

Blaxtarr's Music Extravaganza: Southern Belle Supper Club, Sat.

Blues Potion: Just Bills, Sat.

Bluesfield: Molly's, Sat.

Bobby: Hide-Away Lounge, Tue.

Erin Bode Group: Jazz at the Bistro, Fri. and Sat.

Boogie Chyld: Patrick's, Wed.

Books: Percy's Sports Bar, Fri.-Sun.

Boom: Jacques Sports Bar, Fri.

Border Patrol: Viva!, Wed.

Bosch-Gokenbach-Gough Trio: Brandt's, Tue.

Bosman Twins: Janae's West, Sun.

Botanists: Studio Cafe, Fri.

Chris Braig: Bahama Breeze, Wed., Fri. and Sun.

Adam Brodsky: Frederick's Music Lounge, Thu.

Gary Brokaw: Rumple's Pub, Thu.

Erik Brooks: Hammerstone's, Sun.

Buckwheat's Monkey: Keith's American Bistro, Sat.

Mike Buehrle: Velvet, Fri.

Buffalo Bob & Friends Jam: Backstreet Jazz & Blues, Wed. and Sun.

Buffalo Bob & the Bedroom Blues: Hacienda, Thu.; C. Blake's Bar & Grill, Sat.; Margarita Mama's, Fri.

Ralph Butler Band: Ameristar Casino's Bottleneck Blues Bar, Wed.-Sun.

C. Beyond: Halo Bar, Wed.

C. Beyond & X-Plorer: Halo Bar, Fri.

Tony Campanella Band: 1860's Hard Shell Cafe & Bar, Sat.

Bob Case: Griffin's, Fri.

Monica Casey: Lagniappe's, Tue.

Frankie Catalina: Bahama Breeze, Tue. and Fri.

Chamber Jazz: Lynch St. Bistro, Sat.; Brandt's, Thu.

Charles & Billy: Rick's Cafe Americain, Thu.

Chike, Dennis & Chester: African Palace, Fri. and Sat.

Chris Duarte Group: Broadway Oyster Bar, Sun.

Dean Christopher: WS Hotel & Spa/Sands, Fri. and Sat.

City Heat: Alton Belle Riverboat Casino, Fri.

Stacey Collins Band: Dorsett Inn, Wed. and Thu.

Common Ground: Rumple's Pub, Sat.

Debra Cowan: Focal Point, Sat.

Sarah Cox: Rue 13, Wed.

Coyote Moon: Wild Country, Fri. and Sat.

Pierce Crask: Little Easy, Mon.

Cryin' Shame: BB's Jazz, Blues & Soups, Wed.

Cumberland Gap: Schlafly Tap Room, Fri.; Stagger Inn. Again, Sat.

Brian Curran: Broadway Oyster Bar, Wed.; Griffin's, Tue.

D Bone Blues: Partner's Lounge, Sat.

Dads Gone Mad: Riverside Restaurant & Bar, Fri. and Sat.

Mary Daly & Beno: Laurie's Place, Sat.

Damon: Big Daddy's, Wed.

Dangerous Kitchen: Backstreet Jazz & Blues, Fri.

Dave & George Show: Trainwreck Saloon at Westport, Wed. and Fri.

Dave & Greg Show: Alton Belle Riverboat Casino, Sat.

Amy & Jerry Davison: Brewhouse, Mon., Wed., Thu. and Sat.

John Debo: Club G at AJ's, Sat.

Deja Who: Rusty's, Sat.

Mark Dew: Hide-Away Lounge, Wed. and Fri.-Sun.

Diamondback: Jim Green's Saloon, Fri. and Sat.

Bo Diddley: Alton Belle Riverboat Casino, Fri.

Dirty Dan: Tangerine, Tue.

Dizzy Atmosphere: Schlafly Tap Room, Sun.

Downtime: Porter's Steakhouse & Cigar Bar, Sat.

Sherry Drake: Lombardo's Trattoria, Sat.

East Coast Boogiemen & Lawnchair Generals: Rue 13, Fri.

84 Glyde: Upstairs Lounge, Sat.

Ekoostik Hookah: Cicero's, Wed.

Marty Evans: Rue 13, Fri.

Xcessive: Baha Rock Club, Wed.

Fairchild: Hammerstone's, Sat.

Falcons: Harry's West, Fri. and Sat.

Falling Martins: C.J. Muggs, Sat.

Farshid Etniko: Harrah's Casino, Sat.

Farshid Trio: Remy's Kitchen & Wine Bar, Thu.

Michael Fitzgerald: Churchill's, Sat.

Gale Foehner's Ragtime Band: Frederick's Music Lounge, Thu.

Lenny Frisch: Bahama Breeze, Mon., Thu. and Sat.

Eddie Fritz Trio: Chestnut's, Sun.

From Autumn to Ashes: Mississippi Nights, Sun.

Barbara Gabriella: Tenderloin Room, Thu.-Sat.

Clinton Gallagher: Seventh Inn Lounge, Wed., Fri. and Sat.

Gargoyle Lounge: Backstreet Jazz & Blues, Mon.

Gargoyle Reign: Helen Fitzgerald's, Thu. and Fri.

Charles Glenn Combo: Rick's Cafe Americain, Wed.

Glow: Miso, Sun.

Phil Gomez Jam: Omni Majestic Hotel, Sun.

Mark Gordon: Parrot's Sports Bar & Grill, Wed. and Fri.

Mike Gow: Miso, Thu.

Marshall Green: Kearbey's, Wed.

Neil Hagerty: Hi-Pointe, Sat.

Halfacre Gunroom: Creepy Crawl, Fri.

Tom Hall: Lagniappe's, Wed.

Noelle Hampton: Frederick's Music Lounge, Wed.

Jeff Harnar: Grandel Theatre, Tue.-Sun.

Anne Heaton & Teddy Goldstein: Off Broadway, Wed.

Hip-Hop Spin: Upstairs Lounge, Thu.

Hollywood 5: Baha Rock Club, Fri.

John Hope: Billy Goat, Fri.

Hot House Sessions: Nik's Wine Bar & Hookah Lounge, Fri.; BB's Jazz, Blues & Soups, Mon.; Delmar Restaurant & Lounge, Tue.

Judith Howard: Griffin's, Thu.

Hush: Mr. T's 55 Bar & Grill, Fri. and Sat.

Dean Hutton: Missouri Bar & Grill, Fri.

Ill Nino & Spineshank: Pop's, Wed.

Ivory Tiger: House of Rock, Tue.

Jake's Leg: Magee's, Thu.; Cicero's, Fri.; Broadway Oyster Bar, Sat.

JB: Tangerine, Sat.

Jobim Dreams: Lagniappe's, Thu.

Joe Dirt: House of Rock, Thu.; Helen Fitzgerald's, Sat.; Trainwreck Saloon at Westport, Fri.

Stuart Johnson: Candicci's, Tue.

Isis Jones & Charlie Chan: Isis, Fri.

Juke Box Junkies: Partner's Lounge, Fri.

Juke Joint: Murphy's Bleachers, Thu.-Sat.

Just Add Water: Mississippi Nights, Sat.

Just Mister: Pop's, Fri.

Scott Kay & the Continentals: Beale on Broadway, Sun.

Todd Keller Duo: Trainwreck on the Landing, Fri. and Sat.; Kenny Ryan's, Sun.

Tom Kelly: Failoni's, Thu. and Fri.

Kerosene Willy: Magee's, Tue.

Killing Vegas: Pop's, Thu.

Justin King: Rue 13, Thu.

Kenny Kingston: Lo, Wed.

Mike Klick: Jimmy's on the Park Cafe, Sat.

Knock-Knock: Halo Bar, Mon.

Jan LaCroix: Sam's Steakhouse, Wed.-Sat.

Jeff Lash Trio: Riddle's Penultimate Cafe & Wine Bar, Tue.

Last Missouri Exit: Brandt's, Sun.

Jeff Lazaroff: Stagger Inn. Again, Thu.

Jimmy Lee: 1860's Hard Shell Cafe & Bar, Mon. and Sun.

Kevin Leman: 1860's Hard Shell Cafe & Bar, Fri.

Rob Lemon: Oz, Sat.

Lithium: Pop's, Fri.

Little David: Laurie's Place, Sat.

Love Shack: Ameristar Casino's Bottleneck Blues Bar, Fri. and Sat.

LP Outsiders: Cafe Eau, Sat.

Lucky Stiff: Eagle's Nest Pub & Grill, Fri.

Mad Maynard & Jackie McCoy: Generations, Wed. and Sun.

Madahoochi & Friends: Cicero's, Mon.

Chuck Mangione: Pageant, Wed.

Jim Manley & Mark Friedricks: Jimmy's on the Park Cafe, Sun.

Mark, Sara & PJ: Tangerine, Fri.

Marsville: Hammerstone's, Thu.

Kim Massie & the Solid Senders: Beale on Broadway, Tue. and Thu.

Maxtone Four: Borders Books & Music-St. Peters, Sat.

Del McCoury & Leftover Salmon: Mississippi Nights, Wed.

Rich McCulley: Frederick's Music Lounge, Tue.

Rich McDonough Band: Broadway Oyster Bar, Wed.; Yackey's/Robert E. Lee, Fri.

Rich McDonough Trio: Beale on Broadway, Wed.

Cameron McGill: Soulard Ale House, Sat.

Dave McKee: Nino's Ristorante, Sat.

Elizabeth McQueen Band: Off Broadway, Fri.

Me Tarzan: JP's Corner Bar, Sat.

Meet the Cleavers: Parrot's Sports Bar & Grill, Fri.

Megamix: Club La Onda, Fri.

Louis Michael: Jimmy's on the Park Cafe, Fri.

Midcoast Mania: Off Broadway, Tue.

Mighty Big Band: Missouri Bar & Grill, Sun.

Mr. Dill & Georgy Rock: Nik's Wine Bar & Hookah Lounge, Sat.; Robbie's Shrimp & BBQ Co., Fri.; Brandt's, Mon.

Mojo Syndrome: ZuZu's Petals, Sat.

Tim Moody: Candicci's, Sun.

Moore Pleasure: Laurie's Place, Wed.; Vanzo's, Thu.; Beacon Inn, Sat.; Bubby & Sissy's, Fri.

Moore Pleasure Jam Session: Laurie's Place, Sat.

Movielife: Creepy Crawl, Thu.

Musica Nortena: Club La Onda, Sat.

Naked Mike & Lucky Dan: Schlafly Bottleworks, Fri.

Nappy Needles & Nite Owl: Isis, Sat.

Needles: Nik's Wine Bar & Hookah Lounge, Thu.

Night Sky Band: Night Sky, Wed.-Sat.

John Norment Trio: Riddle's Penultimate Cafe & Wine Bar, Sun.

Mark Northey: The Crossings Taverne & Grille, Thu.

Oliver: Hide-Away Lounge, Thu.

Oliver Twisted: Pop's, Wed.

Olospo: Cicero's, Thu.

Open Mic: Stagger Inn. Again, Wed. and Sun.; Molly's, Mon.; Cicero's, Sun.; Shot Heaven, Wed.; That One Place, Tue.; Cummel's Cafe, Thu.; Red Sea, Mon.; Venice Cafe, Mon.; The Crossings Taverne & Grille, Wed.; Frederick's Music Lounge, Thu.; Griffin's, Sun.

Otis: Schlafly Tap Room, Sat.

Paint the Earth: House of Rock, Fri.; Trainwreck Saloon at Westport, Thu.

Pala Solution: Studio Cafe, Sat.

Park Avenue Jazz: Hammerstone's, Wed.

Park Avenue Trio: Three-1-Three, Mon.

Bill Park: Candicci's, Sat.

Patti & the Hitmen: Loading Dock Restaurant & Bar, Sun.

Pennsylvania Slim Blues: Harrah's Casino, Fri.

Leroy Pierson: BB's Jazz, Blues & Soups, Thu. and Fri.

Pleasure Groove: Jacques Sports Bar, Sat.

Poke Chop: C.J. Muggs, Fri.

Pulse 5: Iron Horse Saloon, Sat.

Radio Gram: Eagle's Nest Pub & Grill, Sat.

Rebel Train: Brewhouse, Fri.

Reindrop: Halo Bar, Sun.

Rhythm Rockers: Generations, Fri. and Sat.

Ron Richard: Lagniappe's, Sat.

River City Blues: 1860's Hard Shell Cafe & Bar, Sun.

RJ: Tangerine, Mon.

Will Robertson: Cummel's Cafe, Fri.

Rock-It: JP's Corner Bar, Fri.

Garnet Rogers: Off Broadway, Thu.

Anita Rosamond: Failoni's, Thu.

Bud Rose: Ten Mile House, Wed.

Ross & Hunt & the Ground Floor Band: Molly's, Thu.; Stagger Inn. Again, Fri.; Beale on Broadway, Sat.

Rotund Sound System: Upstairs Lounge, Sun.

Ruth Girls: Brandt's, Fri.

S.O.L.: Tuner's, Fri. and Sat.

Oliver Sain Revue: BB's Jazz, Blues & Soups, Thu.

Oliver Sain & Friends: A.J.'s, Tue. and Wed.

Salsarengue: Viva!, Thu. and Sat.

Saps: Frederick's Music Lounge, Sat.

Michael Schaerer Group: SqWires, Sat.

The Schwag: Cicero's, Tue.

The Science: Blueberry Hill, Fri.

Tim Scott: Cheshire Pub, Wed. and Sun.; Lagniappe's, Fri.; Joanie's Pizzeria, Sat.

Shaky Ground Blues: Beale on Broadway, Mon.

Shanti Groove: Cicero's, Sat.

Shot in the Dark: 700 Bar & Grill, Fri.

Shrinking Violets: Trainwreck Saloon at Westport, Sat.

Singsations: George's Route 66, Tue.-Thu.

Sir Thurl & Don Bass: Tequila's, Thu.

Slats: Way Out Club, Mon.

Smash Band: K.T.'s Sports Bar & Restaurant-O'Fallon, Fri.

Bennie Smith & Urban Blues Express: Venice Cafe, Wed.; Broadway Oyster Bar, Thu.; BB's Jazz, Blues & Soups, Sat.

Renee Smith & Sole Blue: BB's Jazz, Blues & Soups, Tue.

Sofachrome: Pop's, Sat.

Soul Reunion: 1860's Hard Shell Cafe & Bar, Thu. and Sat.

Jay Soul: Viva!, Fri.

Soulard Blues: Broadway Oyster Bar, Mon.

Soulard Blues: Becky Thatcher, Thu.

Dan Sproat: Concord Grill, Thu.

Dave Stone Trio: Mangia Italiano, Fri.; Delmar Restaurant & Lounge, Sun.

Dwight Stone & Sir Thurl: Candela, Thu.

Strange Brothers: House of Rock, Sat.

Marcell Strong & the Apostles: 1860's Hard Shell Cafe & Bar, Wed.

Studebaker: Molly's, Fri.

Sugar's Daddys: Shot Heaven, Thu.

Gary Sykes Group: Delmar Restaurant & Lounge, Sat.

Tatiana & Diamond: Kastle, Sat.

Jon Thomas & Friends: Delmar Restaurant & Lounge, Fri.

Trixie Delight: Pop's, Sat.

Bill Tucker Ensemble: Tiffany Rose, Nightly; Pierre's, Fri. and Sat.

Tumbleweed: Tuner's, Wed.

Melvin Turnage Band: Quincy's, Sun.; Molly's, Wed.

Hugh Tyson: Oz, Thu., Sat. and Sun.

UltraViolets: Helen Fitzgerald's, Wed.

Uncle Albert: Hammerstone's, Fri.

Uncle Billy & the Master Blasters: Baha Rock Club, Sat.

Urban Jazz Naturals: Cafe Eau, Fri.

Jim Utz & Friends: Tangerine, Wed.

Vintage Vinyl Record Spin: Halo Bar, Thu.

Tony Viviano: Tony Marino's Steaks & Chops, Fri.

Voodoo Blues: Hammerstone's, Sun.

Zach Wagner: Upstairs Lounge, Fri.

Well Hungarians: House of Rock, Wed.

Ernie White: Candicci's, Wed. and Fri.

Wildhorse Creek: Smitty's, Fri.

Ptah Williams Trio: Riddle's Penultimate Cafe & Wine Bar, Wed.

Ptah Williams Duo: Chasers Lounge, Fri.

Without Warning & Downpour: Baha Rock Club, Tue.

Workin' Blue: Backstreet Jazz & Blues, Thu.

X-Plorer: Halo Bar, Sat.

Taylor Young Blues: Yackey's/Robert E. Lee, Sat.

Thurman Young/Baby O: Quincy's, Sat.

Zydeco Crawdaddies: Broadway Oyster Bar, Fri.