Spookie Daly Pride

Saturday, September 13; Cicero's

When the forces behind Spookie Daly Pride united to bring us their full-length Marshmallow Pie, they weren't quite shooting straight. After a listen or two to the uplifting sounds on the platter, you'll wonder if there was ever a target at all. From hip-hop to honky-tonk and ska to bippety-boppety big band, the affable chaps from Boston seem content to aim their instruments in just about any direction and hope for ricochets.

While the main vehicle for their message of house-shaking good times for all is a heaping spoonful of sugary funk, Spookie Daly Pride has brought to mind the likes of Phish, Louis Prima, Beck, Little Feat and the Muppet Show Band. If you haven't figured it out yet, the name of the game is J-O-Y.

It should come as no surprise that SDP's live show is like watching a Play-Doh factory explode in a Silly String storm. There's enough stomping, dancing and throwing things around on stage for a Broadway musical about stomping and throwing things around. And it's not a stretch to say that the kids love this music; these are bouncy, hook-filled fun-calls to which even two-year-olds can't help dancing. If these guys were a cocktail, they'd be a pleasing salmagundi of one-half Kingston dub, one-half Old Southie Irish growl, one-half Parliament booty stank and one half-pint of Banana Mad Dog. Put on a porkpie hat and some good shufflin' shoes and prepare your ass for a joy it may otherwise never know. It only gets happier in cartoons.

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