St. Louis Craigslist Musician Post of the Week: Revenge, Served Hot

(Welcome to a recurring feature on A to Z: The Craiglist Musician Post of the Week. Associates and friends keep sending me links to funny and/or bizarre listings -- ones that deserve to be shared with the world.) 

Catharsis. I'm a big fan of it. So is the author of this post, "Band, beyond being a band." She says:
I believe in victims rights. 
 Have you notice how people sit around when something happens, and you need to talk about something and no one listens to you, or basically tells you to "Grow up" 
 This is what my music is about. 
 Its more Metal, Alterntive. 
 I want my music out.
Fair enough. She's smart, direct, knows what she wants -- a rarity for Craigslist. She spells out what she wants, and it's all sensible -- until the last line:
People that kill, will report this I know they will, I will just keep posting, You will not get rid of me, I will always be back.
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