St. Louis Video: Dead Milkmen, "Notorious/Kill Duran Duran" at Mississippi Nights, 1987

Fact: '80s hellraisers The Dead Milkmen are awesome. The snot-nosed-punk yin to They Might Be Giants' goofy-pop yang, DM skewered pop culture like no other band (cf. "Instant Club Hit," the timeless "Punk Rock Girl"). Guitarist Joe Jack Talcum is constantly on tour -- no St. Louis date this time around, unfortunately -- although DM's official website notes that the band is working on new material and "hope to have a release later this year." ! In the meantime, here's 1987 video evidence of one of its cheekier ditties, "Notorious/Kill Duran Duran" -- a mash-up of the DD hit and other, saltier barbs toward the English pop sensation. DM had been through town before this, though: As its totally entertaining vintage tour blog notes, it played in "East St. Louis" on February 3, 1986. (Where? What club?)

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