St. Louis Video: Gentleman Auction House, "The Book of Matches" + Show Tonight at Off Broadway

Jul 31, 2008 at 11:07 am

I don't want people to start hating Gentleman Auction House because I post about 'em so much, but you know what? In recent weeks. Alphabet Graveyard -- its debut full-length -- debuted at an impressive #77 on the CMJ charts. Plus, the band's appearance at Oklahoma's DFest was quite a success, or so I hear. (ASIDE: Other St. Louis bands who were at DFest -- looking at you, the Feed and the Maxtone 4 in particular -- chime in and tell me how your sets went.)

I hear rumors of some other super-exciting things that might happen for the band, so if they do, I'll let you know. In the meantime, GAH is playing tonight at Off Broadway with What Made Milwaukee Famous and Black Joe Lewis -- and recently premiered a super-cool video for "The Book of Matches." See it after the jump. They look all fancy and professional and stuff! Shiiiit.

And yes, that's Foundry Field Recordingsmain dude/man-around-town Billy Schuh in a starring role. That band debuted its new line-up two nights ago in Columbia, when it opened for Dr. Dog; recent additions include Bald Eagle's Justin Nardy on bass and Hail Usagi drummer Peter Hansen.

-- Annie Zaleski