St. Louis Weekend Concert Calendar, February 6 to 8

Feb 6, 2009 at 7:30 am

Friday, February 6

*The Feed/Fattback/Hibernauts/Wormwood Scrubs, Firebird
*Asbury Park/Transmitters, Off Broadway
*Vicky, Schlafly Tap Room
*Dave Herrero w/Felix Reyes and the Cats, BB's Jazz, Blues and Soups
*The In?/Stars Go Dim, Cicero's
*Monads/Rum Drum Ramblers/B Sharps, Deluxe
*Robert Blake/May Day Orchestra, City Art Supply
*Marleyfest, Duck Room
*Future Rock/Orchard Lounge/Thumpasaraus, Old Rock House

Saturday, February 7

*Fred Friction (CD release), Off Broadway
*Troubador Dali, Euclid Records, 3 p.m. (info here)
*Target Market/Say Panther/Hunter Gatherer/Mhurs, Firebird
*Via Dove/Mirror Stage, The Chapel
*Athens/The Blind Eyes, Mangia
*Vicky, Schlafly Tap Room
*Lions of Hazelwood/Dear Vincent/Go Motion, Cicero's
*Marleyfest, Duck Room
*Corey Saathoff/Dead Weight/The Round-Ups
*The Midtown Thieves/ Pat Boone's Farm/DinoFight!/Mark Feigenbutz/ Joe Stewart, The Wedge
*Wyld Stallions, Old Rock House

Sunday, February 8
*Harlot Bride/Arts and Sciences/Timbre, Firebird
*Howlies (in-store), Vintage Vinyl, 7 p.m.

Monday, February 9
*The Howlies/Left Arm, Firebird
*Semi-Precious Weapons/Von Iva/One Lone Car, Cicero's