Stop Talking About Forming a Band and Just Form a Band Already

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Dear Karina, Naw, girl, you are right on time for we are broaching the perfect time for starting a band: Winter is coming! If you want to hunker down and get this thing in motion, this is the time of year because there is nothing fun to do and no decent shows to see and everyone is all frumpy in their big coats and looking pasty. Which is a good time to start a band and practice four nights a week with the intention of hitting the scene in May, and being a summer fun band and playing house parties.

I think the other issue is that you are putting a little too much preamble into this. Your wannabe bandmates get to feel like they are making it happen, enough at least that they can brag to their friends at the bar that they are starting a band and not feel like they're lying. Who cares what their (or your) influences are? Once you find people who seem game to play, before you commit to start a band even, whip out your iCal or whatnot and say "Can you jam after work on Thursday, like 8-ish?" It should be no more than 5 business days out. If they haw about how busy they are but don't immediately counter with "No, but I could do Tuesday night," then they are going to be flaking from here on out and you shouldn't invest any time in it. Be aggressive, B-E aggressive. Just keep jamming until you find the right folks. You will just know.

Do you have a place to practice? Or a friend's space you could kind of just horn in on for $12.50 as you are sussing out band mates? That way your barriers to having a proper band practice are minimal.

My other idea is rope a musical friend into just being a starter bandmate -- commit to writing some songs with you and you can work on wrangling more people in. A friend with a guitar and some spare time is all you need. Just get the wheels moving. Also, go to a lot of shows and ask the girls that are the best dancers if they want to start a band. That's usually a good bet. Or accost people at the merch booth and say you are looking for a saxophonist/bassist that plays like them for this new project you are starting. The world is filled with flakey bandmates, what you have going for you is that you are driven, and if you put out your go-getter vibe, the other go-getters will sense you, like those wolfboys in the Twilight movies. Yours truly, Fan

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