Summer Rocks Music Festival Bill Passed By Aldermanic Committee

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Alderman Ogilvie stressed during proceedings that much of the consternation and misinformation about Board Bill #328 was because of outdated proposals and amendments being shared online. Indeed, the city's website only made the original bill available, while portions of the newer language had been photographed and shared, but not with everybody. Even during Wednesday's meeting, there was some confusion over who had a copy of the most recent amendments.

"I followed conversations in the media, in e-mails and more, and everybody's understanding was based on that original contract," Ogilvie said. "Something the city frequently struggles with is keeping the most up-to-date information out there. It's unfortunate that we had the opportunity to see the amended contract and folks here with concerns had not. On behalf of the city, I apologize." [Edited to add: On Thursday, Ogilvie tweeted a link to the updated bill with the most recent amendments, shown below]

After the committee passed the bill, Jeremy Segel-Moss, a member of the Bottoms Up Blues Gang and vice president of the St. Louis Blues Society, expressed disappointment edged with newfound inspiration. "I hope that they've heard us and will make good choices for the city," Segel-Moss said. "I'm just really proud of St Louis and the people who raised their voices and showed their concerns. If nothing else comes out of this, there's incredible pride for how St Louis feels about its heritage."

As for what comes next, the future remains unwritten. "I don't think there's any way to go backwards at this point," said Segel-Moss, who in just two days gathered more than 1,600 signatures on his petition to share the music community's concerns about the bill. "I think the best move for us all is to voice our opinions, come together and create a better future for St Louis."

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