Super Famicom

8 p.m. Thursday, January 11. Lemp Neighborhood Arts Center (3301 Lemp Avenue).

Jan 10, 2007 at 4:00 am
In a world of Boolean logic, where stars are made on the Internet, naming your band after Super Famicom — the Japanese version of a Super Nintendo — is a sure way to get lost. (Just try to Google it.) But it's easy to assume that twenty-year-old P.J. Famicom (a.k.a. the Decatur, Illinois, resident who records as Super Famicom) wants to remain under the radar. He's crafted his own world that's isolated from commercial indie rock, a place where folk meets twee-pop meets noise. Judging by his songs, comparisons to other acts don't come easy — and would often be preceded with disclaimers. "Energy Stones" has a discord sort of like Xiu Xiu, "Glitter Gold" displays a voice kind of like Antony and the Johnsons, and every track maybe even contains a bit of Kimya Dawson's whimsy.