Wednesday, May 5; the Duck Room

"If you got the goods, brother, bring it on/My mother done brought me up wrong" and "You know/I'm in league with Satan/You know/There's no debating/My hell bound trail," from "Born With a Tail" by the Supersuckers, aren't exactly lyrics that smack of subtlety. Neither are songs such as "Bad Bad Bad," "I Want the Drugs" and "Must Have Been High," but then again, nobody goes to a Supersuckers show expecting a ballet.

Like a dust devil tearing through the desert, the Supersuckers have been playing their brand of high-octane dirty rock & roll and countrified punk for a decade and a half, leaving sore eardrums and bloody noses across the land. With their twin-guitar four-piece attack, the Supersuckers are the perfect soundtrack for a whiskey apocalypse but are deft enough to slow down and do a whole album of traditional country tunes. They even went so far as to record and play with the legendary Willie Nelson (they did an amazing version of "Bloody Mary Morning" on the Tonight Show a few years back).

Singer and "song-maker-upper" Eddie Spaghetti has recently put out a solo record, but the Supersuckers' local stop on this tour is a full-band show supporting their most recent self-released record, Motherfuckers Be Trippin. Bring the shotgun shells and the hidden flask of whiskey; the Supersuckers will bring the "Evil Powers of Rock & Roll."

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