SXSW and St. Louis

Feb 5, 2007 at 3:07 pm

Much has been made on several Web sites about how sloooow SXSW has been this year about announcing what bands are playing showcases where — much less if or when said gigs are going to occur. Besides proving to be a logistical nightmare for any band trying to route a tour down to Texas during and after the music festival (which takes place from March 14-17), the delay has made it rather difficult for smaller bands to start promoting their gig and prevented registrants from compulsively making spreadsheets and maps to maximize the festival experience.

However, it appears that St. Louis is going to have quite a posse in Austin this year — a heartening change of direction from the recent past, when our fair city was all but forgotten by the powers-that-be. The bands that should be going -- with the caveat that things are subject to change -- so far include:

7 Shot Screamers Magnolia Summer Waterloo Finn's Motel Prisonshake

I personally know a ton (yes, that's a technical term) more bands that have applied -- and SideCho records signees Blinded Black told me late last year that they should be playing the fest, although that's unconfirmed as of today -- so the Lou contingent might be loud and proud this year. Whenever SXSW announces the final, confirmed list (and no, no one is quite sure when that's happening), I'll let you know if I can add more folks to the list.

-Annie Zaleski