Tear Out the Heart Signs to Victory Records

St. Louis metal-core band Tear Out the Heart signed with Victory Records last week (the official announcement was made today). The deal is for multiple albums (just how many can't officially be disclosed).

"Anyone following the bands on the label is bound to see [Tear Out the Heart] and [signing] will put us where the fans are," says vocalist Tyler Konersman.

Tear Out the Heart members Tyler Konersman, Josh Spohr, Matthieu Murphy, Isaac Etter and Matt Epstein will head to the Chicago headquarters this fall to begin their first full length album scheduled to release early next year. The ideal label for Tear Out the Heart, Victory supports such bands as A Day to Remember and Hawthorne Heights.

"Hopefully, this means we get to work with a producer we are interested in and then put out the album and tour as much as we can," says Konersman. "Get our name out there as much as possible."

Tear Out the Heart climbed the musical success ladder pretty quickly. The band formed in 2011 and put out its first independent and Kickstarter funded EP in July of this year. "People lose interest pretty fast, so it's best if you just try to do things as quickly as possible," says Konersrman.

Konersman attributes the band's success to years of proper networking and "doing things right."

"We were all parts of smaller local bands and knew each other well. We'd been through the grind before and knew what to do right and did it right and hard. Always displaying [ourselves] with the utmost professionalism and making sure everyone is on point, everyone works hard and there isn't a weak link."

Tear Out the Heart has a semi-private signing party this Friday at the Angry Beaver. Event starts at 9 p.m. and is 21 and up. More details are available on the band's Facebook page.

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