Tech N9ne

Monday, August 30; Pop's

More and more contenders find themselves battling for the figurative bling that comes with being crowned the Lou's best rapper. But over on the west side of the state, the crown, robe and scepter belong to only one man. Tech N9ne rules the rap kingdom in Kansas City, and even the most unlikely natives embrace him. His music can be heard pumping from gangsters' ghetto rides or metal heads' stereos and even from across the state line in KC's version of west county.

Back to the east side of the state: Tech N9ne is still a foreign name. But you'd know him if you saw him. With fire-truck-red spikes for hair and color-coordinated jumpsuits, his mug shot stands out among the usual rapper lineup. And if you've ever heard him, well, you'd know that too. Tech's schizophrenic switchback rap style turns from an easy flow to a machine gun spray about as quick as a Marine can load a clip.

Life is Tech's muse. Not the pimped out, glammed out, plastic life of rap artists as seen on MTV, but real life -- the gritty stuff. The stuff like taking women he knocked up to abortion clinics, like his past drug addictions, like the way he has been screwed over in the music industry. Life isn't always Bentleys and Cristal. To see the best lyrical stylist that KC has to offer, make sure to catch Tech N9ne in action.

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