Ten Bands You Never Would Have Thought Used to Be Good

Ha! Just kidding - Creed always sucked.
Ha! Just kidding - Creed always sucked.

It's a common cliché by now: Some snobby, balding guy with glasses in every bar across America rants and raves about how he only likes "the old stuff" by every band. "I liked the first record," is his creed. This character floats around, bumming everyone out and sucking all the fun out of a karaoke sing-a-long of "Another Brick In The Wall." "Pink Floyd wasn't even good after Syd Barrett left," he says. "Metallica was only good on Kill 'Em All through Master of Puppets," he claims. "Genesis sucked with Phil Collins singing." And on and on....

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Wouldn't it be nice if that same jerk used his powers for good, teaching you that the bands we all hate used to actually be a lot better? Maybe it could brighten your day to know that the first Nickelback EP doesn't sound much worse than anything the Stone Temple Pilots ever put out. With that in mind, here are ten bands you might never have guessed used to be listenable.

10. Smash Mouth

We'll go ahead and start here because, hell, what is there to say about this band that hasn't already been said by their singer's appearance on Celebrity Rehab? But did you know that Smash Mouth was once a fairly decent, upbeat ska-punk band? While the band wasn't exactly blowing minds with this junk, wouldn't you take a song like the above over the song that made the term "Rock Star" appear in Craigslist employment ads? Unfortunately, Smash Mouth went on to turn into the musical equivalent of famous foodturd Guy Fieri. Oddly enough, the two sinister entities go hand-in-hand, as they even collaborated on a cookbook together with Sammy Hagar. Personally, you couldn't pay me enough to eat anything in that book.

9. Fall Out Boy

Talk to anyone with a few tattoos and a drinking problem in Milwaukee about Fall Out Boy and you'll learn a few things pretty quickly. While Fall Out Boy wasn't necessarily a GREAT band in their early days, they weren't the worst. However, more notably, bassist Pete Wentz and drummer Andy Hurley both cut their chops in a powerviolence band called Racetraitor. While we're at it, we'll go ahead and note that Andy Hurley also used to play in Kill The Slavemaster, and most recently, a hardcore band called Enabler. Weird, wild, stuff indeed.

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