Ten Country Songs to Bring On the Spring

Mar 26, 2013 at 6:02 am

By Nikki Miller-Rose

Enough is enough already. Forget everything we've come to know about the month's wild mood swings. Ignore the weatherman's prognostications; just throw on some shorts and short sleeves at the first sight of melting (read: slushy, gray, disgusting) snow. By this interpretation, guess what, folks -- spring has officially sprung! Soon the tulips will be poking through what little snow remains in your backyard, competing for space with all the dog poop you've neglected during the winter.

Here are ten songs to ring in your undeniable, unshakable, totally unreasonable spring fever.

10. "I Get the Fever" - "Whisperin'" Bill Anderson (1966)

"Every time I smell melting poop, I let out a big ol' 'Whoop!' It means May is on its way... I get spring fever." Okay, not the way Whisperin' Bill sang it, but really. Don't melting poop and yards littered in previously snow-covered trash get you all excited for those lusty months ahead!?! Notable lyric: Every time a sparrow flies, up into the endless skies something down inside me cries. I get the fever.

9. "Spring" - Tanya Tucker (1975)

Jeez, Tanya always knows how to bring a person down. We're supposed to be happy about spring. It's not supposed to make us think about bastard child orphans. Notable lyric: She named her Spring. Winter's been a long time passion'. She named her Spring, and though she's never been wed...

8. "Wait 'til Spring" - Jim Lauderdale with Donna the Buffalo (2003)

Though he's well-known among those in the know, Jim Lauderdale's barely eked onto the country charts and made only infrequent forays into the bluegrass charts, and that's a damned shame. This is from his 2003 album of the same name, with New York mountain-jam band Donna the Buffalo. Notable lyric: Wait 'til spring, wait 'til spring. Mama said that's when it starts to swing. Wait 'til spring, wait 'til spring. That's when it really starts to sing.