Ten Songs Colder Than Old Man Winter

Ten Songs Colder Than Old Man Winter
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While the Snowpocalypse largely missed the St. Louis metro area, the aftermath of the sleet-storm lingers, in the form of frigid temperatures, bitter wind chills and icy roads and pavement. This is the perfect time of year for hot tea, wool blankets -- and cold, cold music. The following ten songs have more atmospheric chill than the outside world. Enjoy. (Special shout-out to my Facebook pals for the excellent suggestions.)

Joy Division, "Shadowplay" Much of Joy Division's catalog sounds entombed in ice, but "Shadowplay" in particular has a hollow dread that really sums up the dark, dreary dregs of the season.

Low, "(That's How You Sing) Amazing Grace" The Duluth, Minnesota, trio knows a little something about wintry hell -- and this seven-minute opus from 2002's Trust pushes forward with the clawing isolation of a blizzard-drowned tundra.

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