The 10 Best Halloween Parties in St. Louis

Oct 25, 2012 at 10:31 am
The Independents - October 27 @ Plush
The Independents - October 27 @ Plush

That most excellent of holidays -- the one where we get to dress up in goofy costumes, the one where it's considered par for the course to vandalize your neighbors' houses, the one where strangers give children candy and everyone is cool with it -- HALLOWEEN is nigh! Skeleton decorations blanket the country, candy fills Walgreens by the truckloads and I've already heard "Monster Mash" too many times. (Note: Once is too many.)

This year we thought we'd give you a heads-up about some of the more interesting Halloween-themed shows in town. First, you'll find five shows slated to happen this weekend and after that five shows happening on Wednesday, which calendar buffs may recognize as Halloween itself. Get a costume and get to some shows!

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A Tortured Soul Halloween 9:00 p.m. October 26 w/ Moe Allstars, The House Kings, DJ Uptown, 18andCounting, DJ Needles and more @ Atomic Cowboy - Free This one goes until 3 a.m., there will be a bonfire in the massive courtyard and the venue promises a thematic facelift: "Atomic Cowboy will be transformed into the venue of DOOM, filled with dark and spooky nuances!" All excellent reasons to stop by, but none of that compares with the lineup, which features (among many others) three of the most RFT-awarded DJs in the city in Uptown, 18&Counting and Needles. (KM)

Nevermores Halloween Party 9:00 p.m. October 27 w/ The Nevermores @ Schlafly Bottleworks - Free We (and Little Stevie Van Zandt) think the Nevermores are worth your time -- we declared the band the best garage act in St. Louis and Bruce's buddy called one of their songs "the coolest in the world." The Bottleworks will be fittingly festive, with its brand-new enormous patio. Make sure you drink some Pumpkin Ale. (KM)

8th Annual Halloween Hootenanny 7:00 p.m. October 27 w/ Strawfoot, Whiskey War Mountain Rebellion, Hellblinki @ Off Broadway - $12 They must be doing something right to keep this going for the better part of a decade. Indeed: The venerable Strawfoot is going all out this year, bringing some of its friends from the Begger's Carnival. Hellblinki, from Asheville, NC, is about as Halloween-y a band as you'll find: howling, caterwauling, gothic theatrics. Don't show up as yourself. (KM)