The 50 Best St. Louis Records of 2012

Slideshow: Album Art of the 50 Best St. Louis Records of 2012

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The 50 Best St. Louis Records of 2012

Did you know that if you took all the music released by St. Louisans in 2012, put it on rolls of casette tape and laid it all out end-to-end, it would stretch the entire length of the path taken by Lewis and Clark? Now, that may not be an actual fact, but we'd bet it's close. There was a truly incredible amount of music created this year in St. Louis.

In November we asked the musicians of this city to vote for their three favorite local releases of 2012. We got more than 100 submissions, and the 300-odd votes represented a staggering diversity and quantity of music. There was, however, a consensus that emerged for about 50 albums. We gave our own panel of experts a vote to break some ties toward the end and feel confident that we've arrived at an essential assortment of St. Louis' 2012 musical efforts. We also gave the option for musicians to write about why they voted the way they did — a couple of our favorite arguments are in this section, and many more can be found online at The releases are listed here in reverse alphabetical order by artist.
—Kiernan Maletsky

If Demonlover had actually put out something, they would definitely be on this list as well. I would petition for a fourth spot, just for that purpose. Black James has opened up her own stargate with that latest tape. Maximum Effort (with whom we do share members) makes me want to hang out with Dan Aykroyd and discuss Greys and infiltrate the CIA. And, Kisser. Goddamn, I don't think I've felt this high since the first time I listened to Warhammer 48k's Ethereal Oracle while watching Kurosawa films on mute. This city is stupid talented. I'm excited to see what all these bands put out next.—Pat Grosch of Bug Chaser

I'm gay for Totally Gay Cop, especially Juice.

I want to overdose to Overdoser.

Spelling Bee is cute, especially Joe.

Why didn't anyone vote for Pink Sock?
—Nate of Pink Sock

We've experienced each of these bands and their respective releases in very different ways. We saw Née before Finches was released performing at Cicero's earlier this year. The energy level and confidence of the band really shone through and engaged the audience. When the EP was released, it just confirmed that this band can write some seriously catchy songs. Our band, Golden Curls, opened for Spectator at Lemmons over the summer, and we couldn't have asked for nicer people to share the stage with. Their tunes were dreamy and captivating, and Megan Rooney's vocals truly stole the show. As for Savage Sister, we found Michael Tenzer's music online and have been desperately hoping he will perform live one of these days. Although he moved to Chicago, we'll still follow him and look forward to future releases.
—Sarah Downen of Golden Curls

Yowie, Damning With Faint Praise

Water Liars, Phantom Limb

Various Artists, Tower Groove Records Compilation, Volume One

The Union Electric, Time Is Gold

Trauma Harness, The Way You Press on Harder...

Theresa Payne, The Moment

Tef Poe, War Machine 2

Suzie Cue, 11 Years of Lo-Fi

Spelling Bee, Caterwaul

Spectator, In the Brick

So Many Dynamos, So Many Dynamos EP

The Skekses, Curse My Name

Ryan Wasoba, Music for No Reason

Rough Shop, Beneath the South Side Bridge

Rockwell Knuckles, Take Me to Your Leader

Raglani, Real Colors of the Physical World

Pillow Talk, Demo 2012

Parisian, Those Emotions Ran High

Overdoser, Demo Two

Ou Où, Rhythm & Blues No. 1

Née, Finches

Middle Class Fashion, Girl Talk

Medical Tourists, Medical Tourists

Maximum Effort, Tears of Rage

The Lion's Daughter, Shame on Us All

Lantern Lights, Lantern Lights

Kisser, Black and Red

Karate Bikini, Sauce of the Apple Horse

Jump Starts, What Hides Inside

Hearskra-Z, FreeDumb Chronicles

The Haddonfields, The Skin Is the Best Part

The Great Grandfathers, St. Anthony's Fire

Fister, The Infernal Paramount

Estevan, Estevan

CaveofswordS, Silverwalks

Burrowss, Don't Take It Slow

Bug Chaser, Billy Saw a Pear

Bruiser Queen, Swears

Brothers Lazaroff, Science Won

The Brainstems, Stryofoam

Bob Reuter's Alley Ghost, Born There

Bo Dean, #MashUp

Black James, im A mirAcle

AtM, A Night Like This

Arthur and the Librarian, Reverend Whitepigeon Speaks on Love and the End of the World

Aquitaine, American Pulverizer Part 1

Anodes, Anodes

Adult Fur, RAN

18andCounting, Unstrumental Raps

12to6 Movement, Titties Out

Slideshow: Album Art of the 50 Best St. Louis Records of 2012

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