The Bangles

8 p.m. Saturday, October 8. The Pageant, 6161 Delmar Boulevard.

Oct 6, 2011 at 4:00 am
Too often dismissed as a cheesy '80s relic, the Bangles actually started off as a great garage band. If you ever see the SoCal quartet's debut EP on Faulty Products, pick it up and prepare to be amazed that this is the same band that later did "Eternal Flame." Live, the Bangles manage the impressive feat of combining both eras (call them Before Prince and After Prince). At last year's Pageant show, the band mixed well-known hits with deep-catalog gems such as "Restless" and "He's Got a Secret," covered the Nazz's "Open My Eyes" and sneaked bits of the Who's "Magic Bus" into its "Walk Like an Egyptian" encore. The Bangles trademark harmonies are intact, and its newer songs are well worth hearing.

Don't Be That Guy Who: Yells incessantly for "Egyptian" like it's happy hour with your officemates.