The Best and Worst Football Celebration Dances, in GIF Form

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The Ray Lewis Dance
By Jaime-Paul Falcon

Not sure if anyone told you, but football is back! Did you know that, sometimes, when the players score, they do dances in the "end zone"? It's true. We can probably expect to see some twerking before long, in fact, but in the meantime here's a rundown of the best and worst moves we've seen, as GIFs. First, the worst.

The Worst

Drew Stanton does the Dougie

When my dog misbehaves I stare at him and firmly say "No, no sir, we don't do that." The citizens of Detroit did this same thing to Drew Stanton when he did this.

Johnny Morton does the Worm

This is all the '90s fault. The Worm is the Keystone Light of dances, something everyone knows but should be avoided.

Victor Cruz Salsa Dance

NBC should not be commended for pumping in salsa music whenever this guy does this.

Gangnam Style

NFL players are all about capturing the cultural zeitgeist after it's long passed.

The Dirty Bird

In 1999, Jamal Anderson's signature touchdown dance was recreated far and wide as the Atlanta Falcons made a Super Bowl appearance. The dance, like Atlanta's time at the top, was short lived.

Ray Lewis Dance

Somewhere around the time he got off those charges, Ray Lewis decided he'd start every game by doing an intensely choreographed dance. This dance would be shown by every network, thus overshadowing Lewis' criminal involvement in the deaths of two people.

Below: The best

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