The Best St. Louis Comedy Shows in April

Apr 1, 2013 at 6:01 am

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Jilly's Comedy Showcase Friday, April 19, at Jilly's Steakhouse Show: 8 p.m. / Tickets $5

Once a month Bobby Jaycox assembles a team of comics and makes them drive all the way out to High Ridge for the Jilly's Comedy Showcase. And for fair warning, Bobby announces at the start of every show, "This place reminds me of a Waffle House: If you don't like smoking, you can get the fuck out." That's right! You can eat your dinner, watch a comedy show and have a goddamn cigarette at the same time.

It's worth the drive. The room is always packed, and the audience is there for one reason only: to laugh. The locals are easy-going and fully aware (for the most part) the city slickers onstage think they're just a bunch of Busch-drinking, truck-driving rednecks (except for the dude in the Affliction shirt). But who's judging who? The crowd will dish it out just as the comics do, and at the end of the show there's nothing but handshakes and high-fives all around.

This month features Jon Venegoni, Scott James, Shaun Arredondo and Sean O'Brien. As always, Jilly's is hosted by the man who books the show, Bobby Jaycox.

Jay Chandrasekhar Saturday, April 20 at the Firebird

Chandrasekhar is one of the men behind Broken Lizard (no, not that lizard). And you don't know him from that, there's a good chance you'll recognize him from Super Troopers. In between writing and directing, Chandrasekhar takes his standup on the road, regularly making stops at both colleges and nontraditional comedy venues. His style is simply silly; he says he's becoming a woman because his boobs are growing. It's not highbrow, but it's also not a shot-to-the-groin groaner, either. Chandrasekhar skates the line of indecent. There will certainly be dick jokes, and they'll certainly be funny.