The Best St. Louis Comedy Shows in April

Apr 1, 2013 at 6:01 am

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Gus Sunday, April 28 at The Demo Show: 8PM / FREE

Now for those of you who are curious why there is comedy on a music blog, it's because music and comedy, while different, do on occasion work quite well together. Bare Knuckle Comedy and Comedy in the Lou have teamed up to create Gus, a show that will attempt to combine dancing and laughter. Laughs will be provided by Omaha, Nebraska's Zach Peterson, who started doing standup because he hated the experimental electronic music he was making at home and either Douglas Terry or Jason Earl Folks. The dance portion is also TBA (Acorns to Oaks was originally booked but a scheduling conflict arose).

Local Jon Venegoni will be on this bill as well, and the MCs for the evening are BKC's Kevin White and Comedy in the Lou's Kelsey McClure (disclosure: yep, that's me). The show is completely free and definitely falls under the "Oh God! I hope this works" category.

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