The Best Standup Comedy Shows of 2014

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Best Feature Show of 2014: Stupid Brain at the Improv Shop.

Stupid Brain is a standup/improv hybrid that features the kind of tomfoolery that only a pair of adolescent boys trapped in adult bodies could imagine. Enter Bobby Jaycox and Steve Raines. One show, sponsored by hot sauce and the humane society, had an intermission when you could pay a dollar to slap the hosts in the face or go to the back and pet a puppy free of charge.

Best Monthly Standup Show of 2014: Contraceptive Comedy at Shameless Grounds.

Hosted by Stryker Spurlock, Martin Kulash A standup comedy show in a sex-positive coffee shop. What could go wrong?

Best New Open Mic of 2014: Wild Card Comedy at the Crow's Nest.

Hosted by JC Sibala & Christopher Cyr Now that there are so many open-mic nights, a select few are being bold and shaking things up with material restrictions or, in the case of Wild Card, challenges. Comics draw from an oversize deck of cards and, should they chose to accept the challenge, are given extra time to switch up their set. It's a much needed break from the norm.

Best Long-Running Open Mic of 2014: Late Nick's at Nick's Pub.

Monday was going to suck anyway, but it's not like most comics have nine-to-fives either. Unless there's a sports game or a Monday holiday, there will be jokes -- guaranteed.


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