The Damnwells

8 p.m. Thursday, April 14. Off Broadway, 3509 Lemp Avenue.

Apr 14, 2011 at 4:00 am

The Damnwells splintered as a unit following a disappointing major-label experience. In the aftermath of the split, the band — which is now technically a duo of frontman Alex Dezen and bassist Ted Hudson — decided to offer up its last album, One Last Century, as a free download via Paste magazine. The latter experience was, in Dezen's words, a "spiritual one" for the alternative-rock band. In a recent interview with the RFT, he jokingly says he would have given away the band's new album, No One Listens to the Band Anymore, but noted that his wife would probably leave him "because we wouldn't have any money!" Anymore was funded via the fledgling fundraising startup PledgeMusic — and songs such as the chugging title track and bright standout "Let's Be Civilized" demonstrate that Dezen can still write great pop songs.