The Daybreak Boys Broke Up

Aug 9, 2007 at 5:47 pm

From a MySpace bulletin:

Family, Friends and Fans, We will be playing our final show this coming Saturday at the Pageant. I have made the decision to quit and thus end the band. This decision was made by me and me only based on a few reasons. When my heart and my gut tell me to follow another path, I have always listened. I had the best of times with this band and it's music. I may never again get the opportunity to play with such talented musicians. However, my gut is telling me that there is other music to be made and I have to trust that. I would like to thank everyone who has supported us this year. We had a blast and we made some really fun music. I'd like to thank Steve Factor, Kevin Bowers, and Ed Zimmerle for their hard work and patience. I'd like to thank all our families and girlfriends who were at every show and helped support every decision along the way. Your love and support have truly shown me what is so great about making music in the first place. Im sure this is not going to be the last you hear from us. Each of us is driven to make music and Im sure we will be performing sooner than later. Thank you to all the venues that allowed us to play their stages. Thanks to all those who have taken a chance on us and our music. I will always keep this band, it's music, and its members close to my heart. Please come out to the Pageant this Saturday night and help us say goodbye to a project that has and forever will have my undying love. Thank you again for your support. I am so thankful to have friends and fans like you.

Love, Ryan Sears

Best of luck to the band members in the future.

-- Annie Zaleski