The Dixie Chicks with James Taylor

Wednesday, October 6; Fox Theatre

There's been so much stink over the Dixie Chicks' politics, you'd think they'd spent the last couple of years digging up Abbie Hoffman and trying to levitate the Pentagon. But the outsize response to singer Natalie Maines' minor (by Bono/Sting standards) comments reflects more on the Chicks' original red-state fan base than it does on the ladies themselves.

So there's some major irony involved in the Chicks coming through town with James Taylor for the second night of "Vote for Change": The crowd is going to be filled with the type of jerks who will tell you they listen to all kinds of music "except country." (Alt-country doesn't count, city boy.) Which is too bad for them: The Chicks are writing some of the best country music out there today, full of harmony and storytelling. If you're going, listen up. There's more to appreciate about the Dixie Chicks than how they feel about Bush.

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