The Dwarves

7 p.m. Sunday, December 30. Fubar, 3108 Locust Street.

The Dwarves play December 30 at Fubar.
The Dwarves play December 30 at Fubar. Source

The Dwarves

$15 to $18. 314-289-9050.

Nudity, violence, onstage sex acts, mid-show brawls with police...San Francisco's the Dwarves is a band known well for its un-fucking-touchable live shows. Formed in Chicago as a garage-rock band in the mid-'80s, the Dwarves soon found influence in the legendary onstage antics of the late GG Allin and shifted its sound in a the direction of hardcore punk. Stints with Sub Pop, Epitaph and Recess records helped to expose the band to legions of fans worldwide, even as its individual members exposed themselves at shows, with no label help required.

Back to Basics: Last year's The Dwarves Are Born Again marked a true return to form, moreso than its other recent releases. Fast, short and loud hardcore punk delivered in uncompromisingly crass fashion, no track on the album even hits the three-minute mark.

Daniel Hill

Daniel Hill is editor at large for the Riverfront Times and he demands to be taken seriously, despite all evidence to the contrary. Follow him on Twitter at @rftmusic.
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