The Fixx At Old Rock House, 8/22/12: Review & Setlist

Aug 23, 2012 at 7:46 am

The Fixx The Old Rock House August 22,2012

At a time when many new wave bands are reforming just for the sake of cashing on nostalgia the Fixx is having none of that.

Thanks in part to their energized fanbase, the Fixx continues to tour with the same spark and passion it had "back in the day." While frontman Cy Curnin has aged since the '80s, his voice shows no signs of wear. The rest of the band is not too shabby either. James-West-Oram remains a greatly overlooked guitar player and Adam Woods drumming perfectly frames the band's textures. Dan K. Brown is a solid bass player whose licks make their tunes so memorable while keyboardist Rupert Greenall provides an ample amount of atmospheric heft to their sound.

For over three decades this quintet has combined Cy Curnin's politcal lyrics and themes of social turmoil, isolation and apprehension with driving melodies, crisp percussion and enough oh-oh-oh's to please a Eurocup crowd.

While many of their contemporaries have fizzled out, these men have weathered the storm by releasing their tenth studio album, Beautiful Friction. Their first new offering since 2003 is a collection of songs that represents their view of the contemporary world around them.

Despite their catchy melodies and terrific guitar hooks, they have never shied away from making statements in their music. This trend continues in their new material -- you can't avoid hearing smatterings of the Occupy Movement throughout the album.

In support of the record, they brought their month-long American tour to the Old Rock House last night.

Although the band has aged gracefully, its fans have not forgotten the old days. "They used to be on MTV every day. I came home after school and their videos were always on," says an avid fan entering the venue.

It is this dedication to the music that has stoked the fire and brought the band back on the road for this go around. The gestalt of exuberance between the musicians and their faithful disciples propelled them onstage for over ninety minutes.

Their set began with a loud roar from the audience as they cut into their classic "Deeper And Deeper" before a chatty and confident Curnin segued the set into their latest record by proclaiming "We have new music." The Fixx then unveiled its latest material with "Anyone Else, "Just Before Dawn" and "Take A Risk".