The Flying Luttenbachers

Wednesday, February 25; Way Out Club

It is futile for an outsider to write about the Flying Luttenbachers; the creative/destructive genius who powers the band, multi-instrumentalist Weasel Walter, is also the only being qualified to write about the purpose, sound, methodology, meaning, intentions or aroma of said band. Not being in the Flying Luttenbachers and still having the gall to write about what the Luttenbachers' prismatic noise means is as arrogant as writing about the creation of the universe. Unless you were there when Brahma rolled to one side and released the Holy Wind from his nether regions into the roiling celestial flame, unknowingly creating everything from the darkness, you got no business waxing philosophical about divine sparks, big bangs or hands of gods.

The only true statement an outsider can make about the Luttenbachers is that they exist right Now. Never working in the same musical idiom for very long, the Luttenbachers exist in a state of hyper-entropy, cycling through incarnations and ideas with manic joy. Weasel's latest treatise on his own existence, Systems Emerge, is an audaciously brilliant composition by the future's last great modern composer, performed solely by the man himself. A cosmic maelstrom of sludgy guitars, articulate skree and drumming, Systems is pure Weaselian intelligence made sound; Weasel is the only performer who could have (or should have) survived the dense horror of its genesis. And it will serve you no purpose to buy it in preparation for the Luttenbachers' imminent arrival; Weasel has left it behind already like so much sloughed skin, joining forces with guitarist Ed Rodriguez and bassist Mike Green to create another version of the cosmic terror. Don't let that stop you from showing up and staring directly at the nth form of the Luttenbachers, though. How often can one witness the destruction of an entire universe, set to music created expressly for the destruction, performed by a force that exists only to destroy what it has wrought?

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