The Gay Blades Play at Cicero's Tonight, Write a Song About St. Louis

The Gay Blades are a glammy, strident pop-rock band which recently released a new album, Savages. To spice up the tour surrounding it, the group has written a song for each city it's visiting -- including St. Louis! (The Gay Blades are at Cicero's tonight.) Says singer/guitarist James Dean Wells about the Lou's tune, "The Gateway To Your Heart":

"I was tour managing a Finnish band called Rubik this summer and when we were in St. Louis, they informed me that a Finnish architect was responsible for the beautiful landmark. So I figured that arch, "America's Gateway", would be the central figure in this story. The other being a schizophrenic homeless dude on a bicycle staring at it, waiting for a lost love to materialize. Seemed like a good idea..."

Hear it below.

MP3: The Gay Blades, "The Gateway To Your Heart"

"The Gateway To Your Heart"

"Mean Muses":

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