The High Strung

Saturday, November 19; the campus of Saint Louis University (20 North Grand Boulevard)

Nov 16, 2005 at 4:00 am
When white people say they're from Detroit, they're not really from Detroit; they're from suburban Detroit. And although the High Strung are originally from suburban Detroit, they're now based in New York City. Only they're not really based anywhere but their van's bench seats and the booze-stained couches of generous fans, because they tour constantly — and even gigged for schoolchildren at public libraries in the Mitten State this past summer (as chronicled on Ira Glass' This American Life). Now that we've got all that established, this high-energy trio plays a loose, cathartic brand of Byrds-meets-Bowie turbo-prop pop that figures to be the perfect weekend tonic for a sweaty room full of tippling co-eds. Oh, and they wear matching white outfits with big blue stars embroidered on the sides, too. Killer.