The Hip-Hoppers Holiday Schedule Is Here

Oct 13, 2011 at 11:16 am

St. Louis' day-long baptism in the elements of hip-hop comes this saturday at the Gramophone. Hip-Hoppers' Holiday features, among many others, P.R.E.A.C.H., Black Spade, Prince Ea (the subject of this week's music feature), and half of the lineup for our October 28th show at the Firebird: Mathias and Scripts N Screwz. All told, there are 31 sets to keep track of, and the schedule has just been released. Check below or on the official web site , where you can also more information. Tickets are $10 in advance or $15 day of show.

3:00pm MAI LEE: outside stage 3:30pm FAROUT: outside stage 4:00pm BBOY BATTLE/FRESH PRODUCE BEAT BATTLE ROUND 1: inside stage 4:00pm JONEZY: outside stage 4:30pm BBU: outside stage 5:00pm MIDWEST AVENGERS: outside stage 5:05pm BIG BROTHER THUNDER + THE MASTER BLASTERS: inside stage 5:30pm PREACH: outside stage 5:35pm COLORLESS: inside stage 6:00pm CHALKBOYZ: outside stage 6:05pm T-PRINCE: inside stage 6:30pm ALLEYES MANIFEST + DJ SELF HELP: outside stage 6:35pm MATHIAS: inside stage 7:00pm PRINCE EA: outside stage 7:05pm BBOY BATTLE/FRESH PRODUCE BEAT BATTLE ROUND 2: inside stage 7:30pm STEDDY P + DJ MAHF: outside stage 8:00pm J NATURAL: outside stage 8:05pm PERFECT STRANGERS + JIA DAVIS: inside stage 8:30pm QWEL + MAKER: outside stage 8:35pm DOORWAY: inside stage 9:00pm BBOY BATTLE/FRESH PRODUCE BEAT BATTLE ROUND 3: outside stage 9:00pm HEARS KRA-Z: inside stage 9:30pm BLU: outside stage 10:10pm BLACK SPADE: outside stage 10:40pm BEATNUTS: outside stage 11:00pm 12 TO 6 MOVEMENT: inside stage 11:35pm ILLPHONICS: inside stage 12:05am SCRIPTS N SCREWZ: inside stage 12:35am TEF POE: inside stage 1:05am WILLIAM H: inside stage 1:35am SAINT ORLEANS: inside stage